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I’ve started a blog on countless occasions but I never quite hit it off with the blogging world. I’d picture a grand interface where every word I posted would be written with thought and emotion backing it. It would be a place where people would marvel at what I had to say and how I said it.

I would always end up being disappointed. The blog I had envisioned would disappear into smoke when I looked at the sad excuse for blogging that I had produced. My posts would barely reach a paragraph in length, some hurried scrawl about something or other that no one would ever look twice at. A picture here or there, probably something I had found on the internet that I thought was interesting but obviously not interesting enough to devote time and energy on describing. Writing every other day would become a hassle; I didn’t have the patience to write on a blog I didn’t like. Eventually the blog would lay stagnant, forgotten.

A few weeks would pass and then the vision would again sparkle in my eyes. A blog, how about that? What a great idea. This time I believed I would put in the energy; the passion to get it started and keep it alive.  And what would result? The same as all those previous attempts, random scrawls, “inspiring” pictures, and eventually inactivity.

It took me a long time, and many blog attempts later to figure out what I had been doing wrong. It should have become apparent after that first shell of a blog was casually tossed aside, I didn’t feel passionate about what I was writing. At first I would feel something, exhilaration perhaps, at the idea of writing a blog but it would disappear as soon as that first post was published.

Now that I have pinpointed what was wrong on the previous blogs I can start anew. This time I am determined to focus my mind and write from the heart. It may take longer for me to post but I will make sure that when I hit ‘publish’ I am presenting something that I have spent time writing, something where I have finally added those secret spices that make it sing, thought and emotion.



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